Composer and arranger

Now available 

Traduttore, Traditore, for three digital keyboards and six acoustic instruments.
By the Ensemble Éclat, conducted by Charles-Eric Fontaine.

Winner of the Prix collégien de musique contemporaine 2022-2033

Trois paysages is the winning piece of the Prix collégien The piece, which was performed by the Agora Orchestra, under the direction of Nicolas Ellis, was submitted to a vote by around a hundred music students at CEGEP and in Quebec conservatories. The $5,000 prize comes with a commission from the Société de musique contemporain du Québec.

String Quartet No. 4, premiered by the Bozzin Quartet, presented by the Vivier, February 20th 2024.

Concert Review :

Battah’s approach is accomplished and frankly successful, enabling him to create a vehicle in which imaginary folk music is evoked in a generous canvas of some 20 minutes. Listening to it, we get the impression that a door to a parallel universe has opened, letting us discover a world similar to our own, but in which the ‘normal’ musical foundations are microtonal. Francis Battah’s String Quartet No. 4 will, I ardently hope (and dare to predict), have a long and happy life. Serious and daring quartets will find in it material worthy of their talent and a work which, despite its high degree of knowledge, will appeal to a curious and attentive public. My friend and colleague Alain Brunet, who accompanied me to the concert, also agrees.
– Frédéric Cardin

Double win at the International Composition Competition “Free Range”.

1er Prix : Traduttore, Traditore (2023), performed by Charles-Eric Fontaine the Ensemble Éclat, to be published by Universal Edition

3rd Prize : Trois paysages (2022), performed by Nicolas Ellis and the Orchestre de l'Agora.

Organized by the Alvarez Chamber Orchestra (UK), in partnership with Universal Edition.

Current projects  

Work for piano four hands, Jean-François Grondin et Jennifer Bourdages.

New piece for the American Modern Ensemble, during the Mostly Modern Festival, summer 2024.

Participation to the Forum by the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, spring 2025.

Commission by Philippe Prud'homme and Simon Medeiros for a piano/percussion duet.

Commande de l’Orchestre métropolitain, dans le cadre du concours L’Héritage de Beethoven



I teach piano, composition, improvisation, and music theory in private lessons. I teach in person (Montreal), or online. Contact me for more information.